Special Issue in the ‘Forests’ journal

Selected presentations from the Urban Tree Diversity 2 Conference will be invitied to submit to a newly announced Special Issuein the Open Access journal ‘Forests’. This established Open Access journal has an impact factor of 1.45 and a wide international readership.

The Special Issue aims to fill a void and focus on the socioecological diversity and the economic value of the ecosystem services from urban and periurban forests.

  • Submissions can address the botanical, structural, and faunal diversity of urban and periurban tree populations.
  • Diversity can also be the value and perceptions of societies towards urban forests and their socioeconomic and environmental benefits.
  • Manuscripts that analyze, map, and value urban forest diversity and ecosystem services—and their interactions or tradeoffs—are encouraged.
  • Manuscripts evaluating available models and approaches or the use of biodiversity and ecosystem functions for addressing nature-based solutions, management problems, or climate change policies in little studied urban contexts and developing countries are particularly welcome.

Guest EditorsDr. Francisco Escobedo; Dr. Stephen Livesley; Dr. Justin Morgenroth

Website: http://www.mdpi.com/journal/forests/special_issues/urban_forests

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 31 March 2016

LinkedIn: forests@mdpi.com

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